This download contains the pinball table and 3 "library files." Make sure you don't separate these files or the game won't load properly!

A game ruleset is also included

The latest Version is V1.0.
This lets you load and play the table. Future Pinball is a real time 3D pinball editor and simulator that allows users to create their own pinball machines in stunning 3D graphics.
A Pentium / Athlon processor of 1800 mhz or greater 512meg ram and at least a (or better)Geforce FX / Radeon video card.
Video Card MUST support shaders.

Can you play Future Pinball on a Mac or Linux?

Yes! It's been done! ...but not by me personally.
Linux users can us FPWine to play Future Pinball, while Mac users will need to use a Windows emulator.
Parallels is one such emulator that has been reported to properly run Future Pinball.
By downloading Junkyard Cats, you agree not to modify ANY of the contents in the download or to redistribute the files without permission.

Except for - You guys have permission!