A quaint series of apocolyptic events has lead to the rapid evolution of the feline species within the confines of an unbelievably massive junk pile. The owner of this facility, a man named Arthur Hendricks (presumed to be the last human alive) has selfishly claimed god-like status amongst his cat-being followers. Over the course of several decades, Hendricks cleverly manipulated his followers into the construction a mega city atop the junkyard - never once letting any of his minions realize he had enslaved them all.

That was until Hendricks put too much trust into one of his top assassins, a fierce law enforcer named Roy Everheart. Deeply disturbed by what he learns about Hendricks' plans, Roy decides that the junkyard is beyond hope of being saved and that the only way to a better life is to escape... but he knows he cannot do it alone!